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Aileen Wu Viorel

Auto Insurance Options- Protecting Yourself from the Unprotected

In several states including North Carolina, the law requires you to have insurance in order to have a license, but the law does not specify how much coverage the insured must have. Not all states…

Gary Shipman

SUV’s overly rigid design uncovered in auto accident

A woman driving her 1995 Pathfinder SUV was struck in the front left corner by another car traveling between 45 and 50 m.p.h. The impact pushed the left front tire through the firewall and…

Jean Martin

Toyota and Lexus Recall Vehicles After Deadly Crash Due to Floor Mat Causing Accelerator to Stick

Last month a California Highway Patrol Officer and three members of his family were tragically killed in a fiery crash moments after they had called 911 to report that the accelerator on their…

Jean Martin

New Roof Crush Standards Are A Start But Do Not Go Far Enough To Protect Consumers

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, beat expectations recently by doubling the minimum roof crush resistance standard for most vehicles.
For the last three years, NHTSA…

Jean Martin

On The Road For Memorial Day Weekend – Watch Your Medications

Many Americans will be on the road traveling this Memorial Day weekend. Unfotrunately, as we all know, holiday weekends with holiday travel present more risk for traffic accidents. We have all heard…

Jean Martin

Lawsuits Against North Carolina State Employees

The government and governmental agencies have protection from lawsuits under the theory of sovereign immunity, which precludes lawsuits against the government without its consent. Governments can…

Jean Martin

Accident in Columbus County, NC Claims Three Lives Including Groom on His Wedding Day

A tragic accident in Columbus County, North Carolina claimed the lives of three members of a wedding party, including the groom just an hour before his expected wedding ceremony. Brandon Tedder,…

Jean Martin

What Would Cause Someone to Blackout While Driving? Maybe It's the Chantix.

My InjuryBoad Colleague Randy Appleton recently reported about an accident that occurred when a woman blacked out while driving. Too often accidents happen and the driver doesn’t remember a thing….

Gary Shipman

Be careful with insurance claims

Most people go their whole lives without getting involved in an automobile accident. For those of us who have experienced a little bit more of an unfavorable driving experience can appreciate the…

Gary Shipman

Teen Who Studied Motor Vehicle Deaths Dies in Accident

A North Carolina teenager who studied the death of teenagers in traffic accidents as part of her senior high school project died in a traffic accident near her home. Shannon Nicole Adkins of Clayton…