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Chrissie Cole

Metronidazole Tablets Recalled By Teva

A voluntary recall of Metronidazole Tablets USP was announced yesterday by Teva Pharmaceuticals, due to the presence of underweight tablets.
If a tablet is underweight, it may not contain the…

Greg Jones

Depakote and Spina Bifida

Depakote, a drug containing valporic acid , has been linked to an increased risk of spina bifida birth defects in pregnant women who are taking the drug. Depakote, and other drugs containing…

Jean Martin

Suffer from IBS, Crohn’s Disease or Colitis? Did You Take Accutane?

For the teenager (and many adults), there is perhaps nothing more terrifying than wide-spread, cystic acne. It damages your self-image, can make you the subject of ridicule, and oftentimes the…

Jean Martin

New Year's Resolution to Quit Smoking? Be Careful If You Choose Chantix

It’s almost New Year’s Eve, which means that many people will be making New Year’s resolutions soon. And if you are an avid smoker, maybe your resolution for this year will be to put up the…

Angel Adams

Dementia Drug Use is claimed to be “killing many”

According to an article in the BBC News, the use of anti-psychotic drugs is widespread in dementia care and contributes to the death of many patients, an official review suggests. According to the…

Aileen Wu Viorel

Susan Galinis Warning to Other Women Taking Yaz Birth Control

Take the time to watch the linked video below. Susan Galinis speaks out in efforts to warn other women who may be at risk due to taking Yaz birth control. Like many other cases that have recently…

Jean Martin

Watch For Prescription Errors This Cold And Flu Season

It’s cold and flu season again, and you know what that means: more trips to the doctor’s office, and more prescriptions to fill out at your local pharmacy.
Unfortunately, as pharmacies fill out…

Gary Shipman

Unproven Drugs Are Still On The Market

According to the GAO, the FDA “has allowed drugs for cancer and other diseases to stay on the market even when follow-up studies showed they didn’t extend patients’ lives.”…

Jean Martin

Plaintiff Wins First Zometa Trial

A jury in Montana has ordered drug manufacturer Novartis to pay $3.2 million to a woman who developed osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ)after taking Zometa. The case of Peggy Stevens was the first of…

Gary Shipman

FDA Required Black Box Warning On Phenergan

There was uproar concerning the courageous fight by Diana Levine, a musician from Vermont who lost her arm because of the drug Phenergan. Wyeth no longer sells Phenergan but many makers of generic…