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Jean Martin

More Evidence That Consumers Are Not Protected By FDA – Congressmen Influence FDA Device Approval

The FDA released a report yesterday stating that the agency and its former commissioner, Dr. Andew C. von Eschenbach, succumbed to pressure by four New Jersey congressmen in approving a collagen…

Jean Martin

WECT Leaves Out Important Information Regarding Use of Mesh Sling for Female Urinary Incontinence

On July 24, 2009, WECT in Wilmington, NC ran a Lifewatch story on urinary incontinence in women and the use of a midurethral mesh sling to solve this problem suffered by so many women. While…

Jean Martin

Medtronic Pain Pumps Recalled

The FDA has issued a recall for Medtronic drug pumps. The recall notice came Friday. The pumps involved are the Indura 1P Intrathecal Catheter, model 8709SC; Intrathecal Catheter, model 8731SC;…

Jean Martin

Can You Hear Me Now? Yes, We Heard Your Hip Squeak.

Another report appears in the New York Times today relaying stories of hip implant patients whose implants are causing embarrassing problems because they squeak. Hundreds of people who have…

Jean Martin

My Bones Ache And Pop, But Is My Hip Implant Supposed To Squeak?

Hip implant surgery sounds like a terribly, painful process, but I have been told that the relief of chronic pain makes the surgery worthwhile. But now many hip implant folks are noticing that their…