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Greg Jones

Unum and Bad Faith Practices

Unum Group, insurance company, formerly known as Unum Provident, is one of the largest disability insurance providers in the world. Over the past two decades it has cheated Americans out of…

Jean Martin

Wells Fargo To Buy Back Auction Rate Securities in Settlement

Wells Fargo has agreed to settle a lawsuit for $1.4 billion with regard to the company’s auction rate securities. Wells Fargo faced this lawsuit and an investigation by the California Attorney…

Gary Shipman

Toyota Locked in Intellectual Property Litigation Over Prius

The International Trade Commission is the setting for a classic David vs. Goliath contest between Bonita Springs, Florida based Paice, LLC and Toyota over a patent related to a key component of…

James Moore

Judges Questioned when Two Young Men were Sentenced to Life in Jail with out Parole

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the cases of two young men who have been sentenced to life in jail with out parole. This was agreed on to see if there sentence hinders their rights to the 8th…

Jean Martin

Consumer Product Safety Commission Will Finally Regulate Off-Road Recreational Vehicles

Off-road recreational vehicles, also known as ROVs, have been under fire in the last several years for the number of deaths that have been associated them. ROVs have been involved in accidents…

Gary Shipman

Borrowers On Credit Watch

Knowing when a homeowner is eligible to qualify for another mortgage is important information for them to have before making any decisions. At this point in time, some homeowners see no other option…

Jean Martin

Why Do I Have All Of These Out-of-Network Charges For Care At An In-Network Hospital

As you and your family prepare for surgery, choosing the right doctor, might end up a choice costing you more than you budgeted for. Those with health insurance normally pick doctors that are…

Jean Martin

Some UBS Auction Rate Securities Holders Still Owed Money

Playing poker involves a certain amount of strategy. Sure, you want to hold a royal flush, but if you can trick the other players into thinking that’s what you have, two pair can do you…

Jean Martin

Back to School? Minority Student Loan Borrowers Be Wary

As college-bound minorities take a step toward self-improvement, lenders could be sending them two steps back.
Lenders rely on complex, and at times secret, methods of determining what rate to…

Jean Martin

States May Enforce Their Anti-Discrimination and Consumer Protection Laws Against National Banks

Recently a state’s right to enforce its anti discrimination and fair lending practice laws on federal banks was challenged. In a five to four decision, the Supreme Court of the United States…