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Jean Martin

North Carolina Workplace Deaths Increase As Economy Worsens

If we thought that the news could not get worse in this failed and battered economy, now comes the news that workplace deaths in North Carolina have increased. Preliminary numbers released by the…

Tate Hodges - Summer Law Clerk

Trench Collapses are Feared Construction Site Accidents

Trench collapses are perhaps some of the most common and feared injury causing hazards of construction work. While some people may believe that only deep trenches have the potential to cause severe…

Jean Martin

DOT Worker Dies After Being Crushed By Backhoe

When my fellow IB partner Steve Lombardi asked me to join in a series of blogs about workers being accidentally backed over by fellow workers, I had no idea that the timing would be so ripe….

Tate Hodges - Summer Law Clerk

Accidentally Backing over a Fellow Construction Worker

Your first impression about this type of accident probably will be one of curious interest and inquisitive horror. After all, how often could this actually happen? Surely, there must be…

Jean Martin

Shot With Nail Gun – An Increasingly Alarming Headline

Young worker shot in head with nail gun
Worker shot with nail gun
These are headlines that I don’t enjoy reading. I’ve read reports that as many as 100 people a day show up in Emergency Rooms with…

Gary Shipman

Wake County Employee Dies in Workplace Accident

An employee of Wake County died in a workplace accident when a pneumatic jack slipped and the ambulance that the victim was working on fell and fatally crused him.The jack, manufactured by Grey, slipped, according to an investigative report, and the ambulance upon which David Lee Champion was working on (unsupported by jack stands) fell. The North Carolina Department of Labor’s Occupational…

Jean Martin

Employment Discrimination – MLK had a dream and a mission

The time is always right to do what is right. – Martin Luther King, Jr.As we reflect on all that Martin Luther King, Jr. was able to accomplish in his life cut too short, one can only wonder what he could have achieved for workers’ rights and what he could have done to end the on-going discrimination in the workplace. Everyone is quite familiar with his accomplishments in stomping out racial…

Gary Shipman

California Workers Allowed to Bring Class Action

The California Supreme Court ruled on Thursday, August 30, that workers in California may bring a class action against their employers for alleged labor code violations, notwithstanding the fact that the workers had signed agreements requiring those disputes to be submitted to arbitration.In the 4-3 ruling, the Justices rules that agreements prohibiting the litigation of cases by employees in a…

Chrissie Cole

AIG Sued by Workers' Compensation Group

American International Group Inc. may have to pay out more than the $317 million it has set aside to settle claims they shortchanged state workers’ compensation programs.Filed Thursday, in U.S. District Court by the National Workers Compensation Reinsurance Pool, the lawsuit estimates the world’s largest workers’ comp insurer may owe over $1 billion. AIG, in a separate lawsuit filed Thursday,…