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ATV Rollover Accidents – Yamaha Rhino's Defective Design

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Despite its unsafe reputation, the Yamaha Rhino ATV is still being sold. With several fatalities, accidents, and serious injuries, the Rhino is considered among the most dangerous all-terrain vehicles available. From severed limbs and head injuries to broken bones and numerous deaths, the list of those who have experienced a traumatic event as a result of the Yamaha Rhino continues to grow.

Unlike other ATVs, the Rhino rolls over during turns even at low speeds on flat surfaces because it is top heavy, narrow, and the tires are too small. Even when used at minimum speeds, the Rhino’s disproportionate design makes it a hazardous vehicle to operate or ride in.

Though Yamaha has made alternative safety measures available to customers, Yamaha has not changed the basic design of the Rhino or accepted responsibility for the faulty design. Yamaha has merely made amendments to the Rhino owner’s manual and has offered advice for safer operation. The Yamaha Rhino ATVs are dangerous and should not be used unless you want to risk being another statistic.