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Duragesic patch death yields verdict

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A federal court jury in Florida has found Johnson and Johnson and its subsidiaries liable in the death of a 21 year old man who was wearing a poweful pain killing patch, Duragesic, when he passed out and died.

The jury returned a verdict of $5.5 million in favor of the man’s family, after finding that Johnson and Johnson was negilgent in producing the patch and in failing to provide adequate warnings. Thsi is the second time in a year that a jury has found J&J liable for problems attributable to Duragesic, as last year, a jury in Houston, Texas returned a similiar verdict.

The family expressed relief that the jury found J&J responsible for the manufacturing defect.

In an interview, Lee Hendelson said, “Just hearing the verdict, that they were guilty of the manufacturing defect, was enough for me. It wouldn’t matter if [the verdict] was a low number or a high number. To have my son back right now with me, to have him living and breathing, I would throw it all away just to have him here with us.”

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