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Zimmer Hip Implant Lawsuits Start

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In the wake of the announcement at the end of July that Zimmer was recalling its hip implants using the Durom cup, lawsuits are now being filed. Zimmer suspended sales of the Durom acetabular cup, a component of the artificial hip implant, due to high implant failure rates. The Durom cup fails to bond with the host bone, causing the cup to move out of position, and resulting in excruciating pain for the implant patient.

Patients who underwent the painful ordeal of hip implant surgery and recovery in an effort to reduce the hip pain they were experiencing, are now faced with having to undergo this awful process again when their implant fails. Patients started complaining of problems soon after the Durom cup came on the market in March 2006, but Zimmer took no action until July 2008. It is estimated that the Durom cup has been implanted in more than 12,000 patients in the last 2 years.

Zimmer has made claims suggesting that the problem is the surgical technique used by the doctors implanting these hip components. But even the orthopedic surgeons who have used the product are suggesting that the problem is a design defect, not the technique used.

While Zimmer has offered some assistance to patients who have experienced a failure with their Durom cup implant, these patients would be well advised to seek the advice of legal counsel to ensure that they full interests are protected.