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Jury Awards $10.25 million in Accutane Trial

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A jury in New Jersey awarded a 24 year old woman $10.5 million upon allegations that the acne medication Accutane caused her inflammatory bowel disease, from which the woman suffers debilitating diarrhea.  Accutane, manufactured by Hoffman-LaRoche, has been the subject matter of three cases that have proceeded to trial, out of the approximately 425 that are pending, and all have resulted in a verdict for the Plaintiffs.

The Plaintiffs contend, in each of the cases, that Accutane causes inflammatory-bowel disease, and the verdicts have ranged from $2 million to a high of $10.5 million, each of which Hoffman-LaRoche plans to appeal.  The medication was first introduced in the US in 1982, and is still being sold.