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Bad Faith Insurance Claims

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One Fourth Of Americans Have Had Valid Health Insurance Claims Denied. While the
insurance company in John Grisham’s book “The Rainmaker” is fictitious it is indicative of the way billions of consumers are treated when dealing with their insurance company. In the book, an insured 20-something year old, Donny Eay, is dying of leukemia. A bone marrow transplant would have cured Donny Ray however the insurance company wrongfully refused coverage for Donny Ray’s valid claim. The case goes to trial and it turns out that the insurance company had a scheme whereby every insurance claim would be denied, regardless of whether it was a valid claim or not. Sadly 99.9% of cases in which an insurance company has refused coverage for a valid claim never get to the court room because people trust their insurance company to act in their best interest, and give up when their insurance carrier denies coverage. Please be vigilant and assertive with your insurance company, and if you have been harmed by an insurance company’s failure to provide benefits to you, contact an attorney.