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Judges Questioned when Two Young Men were Sentenced to Life in Jail with out Parole

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The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the cases of two young men who have been sentenced to life in jail with out parole. This was agreed on to see if there sentence hinders their rights to the 8th amendment. In many states judges can exercise their power to issue a life sentence to Juveniles even if their crime did not include taking the life of another person. Not only is the question of the Juveniles rights up for interpretation, but also the means in which the Judges are exercising their powers. It was said by FoxNews.com, not always the most impartial source, that “in both cases the judges ruled in large part to protect citizens from future crimes, prompting critics to say that they used their gavels to police society, and not just to administer law.” This role falls outside the responsibilities of a judge which is simple to govern the law.
It will be interesting to see the decision that is declared by the Supreme Court, and how the precedent they will be setting will affect crime rates among Juveniles.