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ClubNuva is an extreme marketing ploy, the likes of which I’ve never seen, being used by Schering Plough and Organon to promote the use of the NuvaRing vaginal ring contraceptive. In an attempt to reach young women under the age of 40 and entice them to use NuvaRing as their method of birth control, the manufacturer came up with this internet club for its consumers. By signing up for ClubNuva, you can get your daily horoscope, send electronic postcards to your friends, be updated with fashion and entertainment news, and try your hand at free verse poetry. Is this a drug company site or a site of pop culture?

While ClubNuva says that you can also sign up for health news, my guess is that the manufacturers won’t give you the full health news about their NuvaRing product. My guess is that this flashy site with its alluring charm won’t tell you that use of NuvaRing increases your chance for blood clots, pulmonary embolisms, stroke, heart attack, and toxic shock syndrome.

In this day where direct-to-consumer advertising has become the norm for drug manufacturers, ClubNuva pushes the envelope too far in my book. ClubNuva is equivalent to the cool “facebook” or “myspace” for NuvaRing users. If you can get past the flashy invite to the site and scroll way down to the bottom, there you can find some “Important Safety Information.” But does anyone honestly believe that most visitors get that far? And the safety information, in my opinion, does not highlight enough the risks associated with NuvaRing. Drug companies should be more responsible.

Women, please do not be fooled by this new marketing tactic and do not be enticed by membership in this fancy online club. The risks of NuvaRing make the price of admission to this club too high, as you could possibly pay with your life!

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