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The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has just announced that truck drivers and bus drivers are not allowed to use the smoking cessation medication Chantix. The Federal Aviation Administration has announced that pilots and air traffic controllers cannot use Chantix. So my question to you is: If this drug is not safe for truck drivers, bus drivers, pilots and air traffic controllers, is it safe for the common Joe Blow out there driving down the highway beside me? What about the soccer moms who are carrying the most precious cargo – their children and your children?

Chantix is associated with violent suicides, suicide attempts, seizures and more. This drug simply is not safe. I just heard a story of a loving mother who shot herself in front of her 3 precious children. This woman had no history of depression, had everything to live for and committed this violent act in front of the three people who meant the most to her. The only change in her recent personal history? Using Chantix to stop smoking.

I am a strong advocate for people to quit smoking, but there are better methods than Chantix. Chantix has not been shown to be more effective than a nicotine patch. So why would anyone risk suicide or seizures? Because they don’t know – that’s why.

Listen, I personally think that cigarette smoking is quite dangerous to your health. But Chantix is not the answer. The anti-drug campaigns have long used the slogan “Just say no.” I say “Just say no to Chantix.”

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