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Another report appears in the New York Times today relaying stories of hip implant patients whose implants are causing embarrassing problems because they squeak.  Hundreds of people who have undergone hip replacement surgery using ceramic implants are experiencing the same problem – their hips squeak.  We are not talking just a low level noise.  The implants are squeaking loud enough for others to hear, and hear well.  Reports are that the noise is so loud, that the first time patients hear themselves, they think there is an animal around or something else creating the ruckus.

Squeaking was a pretty rare report under Stryker began manufacturing and selling ceramic hip implants in 2003.  No one is saying why they implants are squeaking, and unfortunately, many doctors are telling their patients that they will just have to live with it.  Why should manufacturers be allowed to sell a product that will cause consumers a life of embarrassment, especially when other models of implants are available and are not causing these problems?  And is the squeaking just a sign of things to come?  Many fear that the squeaking can be a sign of the components of the implant rubbing against each other and that the components will eventually wear out prematurally.  Durability is a key factor in hip replacement surgery.  The surgery and recovery is so grueling that patients want to be assured that their implants will last as long as possible.  They may not have this assurance with the Stryker hip implants.

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