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Hip implant surgery sounds like a terribly, painful process, but I have been told that the relief of chronic pain makes the surgery worthwhile.  But now many hip implant folks are noticing that their joints are squeaking.  Sometimes doctors tell them that this is something that they must endure. But now we know that the squeaking is the result of a defective implant.


The first sign of trouble for Stryker hip implants surfaced in 2005 with news of multiple consumer complaints.  These complaints consisted of a myriad of problems, including squeaky joins, extreme pain and discomfort and improper fittings of the implants that led to bone fractures in patients.  Patients have also complained of difficulty walking due to the pieces of the implant breaking off or wearing down unevenly.  Some of the implants were defective to the point that the patients had to undergo additional surgery to repair and replace the implants.


Fast forward three years later to January of this year when Stryker announced a recall of two products in the company’s Trident line.  Interestingly enough, the problems leading to the recall related to manufacturing issues different from the ones first discovered in 2005.


Over the last three years, Stryker has been repeatedly warned by the FDA to fix these defective orthopedic implants.  Despite numerous complaints, the company just hasn’t seemed to want to address the problems.


Several lawsuits have been filed alleging complications due to the defective Stryker Hip Implants.  But most notable is the seemingly low number of suits filed.  Are there patients out there who believe that the pain they are experiencing or the squeaking that they are noticing is in the ordinary course of business?  Are patients afraid that if they speak up, their doctors will advise them to undergo another gruesome surgery?


Whatever the reason, if you have had a hip implant and are experiencing any of the following problems, you need to consult your doctor immediately:

  • Bone fractures and broken bones
  • Component breakage and chipping
  • Uneven component wear
  • Squeaky or noisy hip implants
  • Pain and discomfort
  • Difficulty walking

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