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Modular homes are homes built in modules at a factory. A modular home is required to conform to all state, local, and regional codes where the home is to be placed. While most homeowners share the sentiment that there are less likely to be problems with modular homes then on-site constructed homes, nothing could be further then the truth. While in most cases, the modular home is free from structural defect, problems in the home occur due to careless transportation of the modular home and improper installation/setting of the home. Often times the modular home company that a prospective homeowner contracts with has no oversight over the installation of the house, i.e. assuring that the soil can withstand the home, assuring that the heating and air systems are installed correctly, assuring that pieces of the modular home are placed correctly. In most cases, modular home companies assign these vital duties to subcontractors, who are not licensed general contractors, and who have little to no experience setting up modular homes. This leads to drastic consequences for homeowners. If you are going to purchase a modular home investigate who the modular home company is and what role they play in the installation of the house. Instruct the modular home company that you want to be given notice of, and attend all inspections. Remain constantly vigilant and hopefully you will catch the mistakes that often occur in installation of a modular home when they’re easily correctible.

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