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As the United States current economic state declines new home construction reaches an all time low and construction businesses, small or large, needs to be cautious as to where money is being spent. It is cheaper to avoid litigation rather then trying to cut corners by writing your own contracts and negoatiating your own terms. By hiring an attorney at an hourly rate can help avoid the frustrations and the time consuming task of hiring an attorney for litigation when there is no other option, not to mention that if an attorney knows that litigation is inevitable your initial retainer cost will be higher because it will take the attorney more time to review your current situation and prepare for litigation.

Putting together a contract is no simple task. A lot of different aspects must be taken in to consideration. The problem with using a contract from a website that offers "free legal services" such as is the contract found could be outdated, not arranged for your specific needs, or it could violate a state statute and in turn could not be enforceable. If the contract is too vague it could lead to future misunderstandings and a possible law suit against you. With an attorney these problems can be avoided and should a problem arise there will already be legal counsel on your side.

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