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An update on the I-40 accident from last week:

Kristen Anne Belair stopped to change her tire just before 1 p.m. Wednesday alongside the eastbound lanes near the Burgaw exit, said Sgt. W.L. Thurston of the N.C. Highway Patrol. She had two children in her car, ages 10 and 8. The children were not hurt, and neither was a retired agent of the N.C. Alcohol Law Enforcement Division who stopped to assist Belair.

A trust fund has been set up to benefit Belair’s two children. Anyone can make a donation to the “Kristen Belair Memorial Fund” by visiting any Carolina First Bank branch, said Steve Allen, an attorney who helped the family set up the trust. He said he was told Belair did not have a life insurance policy.

While the actual cause of the accident hasn’t been verified, authorities believe the victim was struck by a bulldozer that was partially hanging off the side of the truck. This would have placed the truck in violation of federal safety codes.

Unfortunately, safety violations such as this may be more common than we would like to think. According to the American Association for Justice, which compiled data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, over 28,000 motor carrier companies in the United States are in some violation of federal safety laws. These violations may include operating trucks with faulty brakes or tires, overloading the trucks, or hiring unqualified or poorly-trained drivers. Often, companies are aware of these safety violations, and do nothing to fix the problem because to do so would be too expensive.

Any of these safety concerns would be dangerous enough in a family-sized car, but the sheer size of commercial trucks makes these violations much worse. The vast majority of people who are killed in an truck-involved accident are the people in the other vehicle, so companies that cut corners on safety are putting innocent people at risk. Add the fact that truck drivers often have a lowered sense of caution, due to their safety in the bed of a large vehicle, and you have a recipe for disaster.

West Virginia and North Dakota are the most dangerous states in terms of safety violations, but no state’s roads are completely safe. Therefore, it is more imporant than ever that you drive responsibly and stay aware of your surroundings. Your life is too important to leave in someone else’s hands.


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    Due to comment length, please visit:

    for my response.

  2. Gravatar for Sandra Lance

    My daughter was on her way to Top Sail beach for a couple of days before the kids went back to school. The truck was towing a bull dozer with the blade of that dozer hanging out over the side of the trailer. That blade hit my daughter as she was beside her car and cut her in half as her children watched. She was not in the lane of travel but beside her car which was three and a half feet from the fog line. If the truck driver had just stayed in his lane my daughter would not be dead and my grandchildren would not be dealing with the loss of their mother. Speed and inattention seems to be the cause of this horrific event. The driver goes to court on 10/23 to face a $45.00 misdemeanor fine and court costs for not having the proper number of chains on the dozer. Since none of the witnesses stopped the police had to take his word that he was not speeding and that there was a car in the left lane preventing him from moving over. According to witnesses that have come forward this is simply untrue. It appears that the police are not reopening their investagation and so the driver will not be charged with anything else. Someday I will have to explain this to my grandchildren but I have no idea how I will do this.

  3. Gravatar for Jean Martin

    Sandra, our deepest sympathy goes out to you and your family for this tragic loss. A loss that did not need to happen and could have been prevented with the right safety precautions taken. We hope that more witnesses will come forward to aid in the investigation.

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